Solutions for flat glass and IG companies.

Joining completely the design and production inside our plant, we cut down the unnecessary costs offering high quality machinery at competitive prices.

Double glazing machines

Sealing robot 

Robot for the automatic last sealing of insulating glazed unit.

Butyl extruder BK 100 LX / BK 700 LX

Machine for the simultaneously application of butyl





Profiles cutting machine

Machine for the cutting of the frames

Rotating table

Machine for the manual last sealing of the insulating glazed unit


Desiccant filler machine

Machine to refill manually the frames with desiccant

Edge processing machines


Straight line edging machines

Machines for automatic grinding and polishing of flat edge.


Bevel machine

Machine for the simultaneous processing of edge and bevel





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We operate all over the world

All Battellino machines are designed and manufactured only in Italy, are exported and installed all over the world with the quality and reliability that has always distinguished us.